Human Resource Management

Because every small business needs human resource support. Hiring good employees, creating policies to protect your business from lawsuit, but most of all to listen to your HR plans and issues and then implement them. We work exclusively with a small number of businesses as their outsourced HR Department. We offer 3 levels of support:
Level 1-Human Resource Manager
Dedicated HR representative to handle all of your employee issues and questions.
Employee Handbook Creation/Revision.
Full HR audit for legal compliance.
Regular updates on new employment laws and best practice.
Advice on difficult employee issues(what can be done and what should be done).
Sounding board for owner/senior management.
Manage HR, benefits, 401k, and payroll administration.
Work with you on strategic HR issues: performance management, training, compensation issues.
Level 2-Human Resource Department.
Level 1 Support.
We became your Hiring Manager:post ads, review resume,conduct screening interviews and recommended only the best candidates to you. Up to 3 jobs per month.
Level 3-Annual Human Resource Compliance Audit: Keep your company in legal compliance with this affordable, popular package.
Handbook Creation/Review.
HR Compliance Audit.
General HR Consulting that will keep your company legally compliant.