Training your team to be effective can be a challenge at some points. That is why we offer several trainings that we will design.
Manager Skills Workshops
These workshops are designed to enhance supervisory skills that drive improved performance, productivity and profitability. These workshops are not theoretical. They are highly pragmatic.
Participants come away with skills to apply immediately in the workplace. Participants will improve their effectiveness managing people.
Fundamentals of Managing Others
This workshop will improve your effectiveness as a Manager or Supervisor. It is highly recommended as an introductory course in managing others. Whether you’ve been managing for a long time, or you’re a first-time-manager, this program covers material all managers need to master. Highly recommended as a foundations class before taking intermediate or advanced workshops. Participants will learn about :
Setting Performance Expectations.
Coaching and Giving Feedback.
Delivering Corrective Action (Disciplinary Action).
The fundamental legal principles of a manager’s accountability for non-discrimination, preventing harassment in the workplace, compensation and safety. (The federal law trio of EEO, FLSA and OSHA).
We’ll also discuss the role of a manager and how being named a manager changes your relationships with your co-workers. I’ve seen this failure to understand the role undermine many promising managers and create legal liability for the company that we’ve then all had to work hard to correct.