Affinity Resources

"HR Consulting that increases competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture."

Our Mission

We are dedicated to boutique style consulting that aligns people and strategy. Our objectives are to:

Create efficiencies.
Develop value added programs.
Transform existing processes that develop exemplary customer service to internal and external stakeholders.

We have a simple four step methodology

Needs Assessment

Evaluating the current conditions through a series of discussions with team members and affected stakeholders.

Review of Findings

After evaluation, Affinity will present our findings with the management team.


The recommendation will be a result of carefully evaluated circumstances and in tune discussions.

Execution and Implementation

An agreed upon course of action requires immediate execution. We get to work!

Human Resources Process Improvement

Organization Development

Staffing and Selection


Workplace Health and Safety


Manager Skills Workshops

Fundamentals of Managing Others

Conflict Management and Resolution

Interviewing Skill: Be More Effective Without Legal Liability

Human Resources Management

Level-1 Human Resource Manager

Level-2 Human Resource Department

Level- 3 Annual Human Resources Compliance Audit: Keep your company legally compliant with this affordable and popular package.

Why Affinity

Why choose a Affinity’s boutique style firm?

Our client base at one time never exceeds 15 clients.
We give individual attention to each account we acquire.
We can serve as a project manager for any recommendations that include third party involvement (i.e. Applicant Tracking Services).
The discussion process that we initiate will be inclusive of team members as well as most affected stakeholders to create the most thorough recommendation and execution.
We provide Guiding Principles with all recommendation that provide a philosophy that guides the organization throughout and after the life of the project that can be adjusted in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals and strategies.
Real Front-Line Consulting- You are never alone through the process.
All communications returned with 8 hours.

About Us

Charise Beckett brings a wealth of experience in the area of Human Resources as a Business Partner, Process Improvement Champion, and Director for numerous multinational corporations and small businesses. She is a Senior Certified Professional of Human Resources and is certified in Six Sigma Process Improvement. Her expertise spans across numerous industries, including Retail, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Energy, and Start-ups. She can comfortably communicate her vision at different levels of any organization; from hourly staff to executive leadership.

Some of her key accomplishments are creating diversity and inclusion strategies, developing process maps for improving human resources efficiencies, implementation of marketing strategies for staffing and selection, creating employer value propositions, implementation of hourly and salary employee development programs, speed to hire initiatives, creation of talent management processes, calibration, and succession planning.

" One of the biggest reasons I’ve always been an advocate for aligning people processes with business strategy is because I have been an employee negatively impacted by those very processes that are supposed to help. When they aren’t in order, a company's biggest investment will suffer the most. When that happens, employers lose productivity, engagement, and risk damaging their employment brand "

- Charise Beckett
Principal Partner

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